Ontario SaveONenergy Rebate

There is a good news for all business houses in Ontario because the government is giving huge energy-related rebates to them no matter their business concern is big or small. So, if you are interested in upgrading the lighting arrangement at your concern, NELCOLED is there to help you install the new power-saving LED, fluorescent or induction lighting systems. By doing so, your business can save huge amount of energy and all this comes under big subsidy schemes offered by the government. As per this incentive program, the conversion costs are well within the reach of any business establishment.

Nelco LED Lighting Audit

NELCOLED team is there to help you throughout the lighting replacement scheme, right from filling out the applications to the approval process. All the information and details required by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will be prepared by us and our team will make sure that you are issued maximum rebate in minimum time. Our experts are well-versed with all the formalities that are linked with this offer to assure you maximum possible rebate. You will be glad to know that NELCOLED is recognized by Toronto Hydro as a trustworthy Applicant Representative which means your application will remain in safe hands and we will make every effort to make sure that it is processed quickly.

Our Proposal

Our team will visit your premises and note down your existing lighting arrangement. Our experts will completely observe and plan and will finally come up with the best possible solution to your energy needs The following points will be taken into consideration:

  1. Estimate of prevailing power needs.
  2. The energy needs of your establishment keeping in mind the environmental issues.
  3. Proper analysis of equipment and usage requirements.
  4. Occupancy levels’ planning and best possible options.
  5. Emergency power requirement and reliable backup.
  6. Your total estimated expenditure on energy before the required changes.
  7. All the suggestions required for any kind of renovation needed for the best lighting system.

When our team finishes its thorough examination, we will prepare a detailed proposal with all the details as per the audit. It should be noted that our team will carefully note sources of energy wastage and also inefficiency in your present lighting scheme. Then NELCOLED’s energy saving options will be shared with you keeping in mind the area of your building. Our team will definitely come up with energy saving solution where your budget will be given prime importance.

NELCOLED team’s proposals are very carefully prepared and a lot of stress is laid on everyday energy savings at your premises. Our team is expert enough to estimate the future energy needs of your company. Many energy saving plans are made which include automatic lighting controls, dimmers, daylight sensors, etc.

We give you enough time to review the proposal prepared by our team. You will also be offered many energy saving plans and options. Our team will be ready to answer all your queries related to the proposal and all your doubts will be cleared with practical demonstrations.

Quality Installation Services

Once you decide to go for NELCOLED upgrade for your present lighting scheme, our team will be eager to give all the benefits of the government’s rebate offer. You will feel proud to have selected NELCOLED for the upgrade process of your energy needs. The following vital steps are taken great care of by us and are definitely going to make the whole process a success:

  1. Excellent Management of the Project: You work will be undertaken by very well-trained and mature NELCOLED coordinators because we don’t believe in making a compromise when it comes to quality. The coordinators will be present at your premises throughout the whole process and will also take care of the transparency and efficiency.
  2. Proper Scheduling: The scheduling will be done taking your work into consideration. We will make sure that your business does not get affected during the process of lighting makeover. Our expert electricians will take care of the whole work without causing much hindrance to your work.
  3. E-waste: While installing new lighting system, our team will also take care of any waste disposal including e-waste. The removed old wiring and other electrics will definitely be disposed off as per the government rules and regulations regarding the waste disposal keeping the environment safe.
  4. Work Completion: After completing the whole work, our team will carefully check the functioning for all lights and conform to quality check.